Audit Committee

The Audit Committee has responsibility for recommending the appointment of our independent accountants, supervising our finance function (which includes, among other matters, our investment activities), reviewing our internal accounting control policies and procedures, and providing the Board such additional information and materials as it may deem necessary to make the Board aware of significant financial matters which require the attention of the Board. The Audit Committee acts under a written charter.

Our Board has undertaken a review of the independence of our directors and has determined that all members are independent within the meaning of Section 5605(a)(2) of the NASDAQ Marketplace Rules as well as pursuant to the additional test for independence for audit committee members imposed by SEC regulation and Section 5605(c)(2)(A) of the NASDAQ Marketplace Rules. The Audit Committee is established in accordance with Section 3(a)(58)(A) of the Exchange Act.

The Audit Committee shall endeavor to ensure that the Company’s controls are designed to prevent and/or detect violations of law, regulations, Company policy, or the Code of Conduct by Company employees, officers, directors, or other agents of the Company.

The Audit Committee shall review any matters brought to its attention pertaining to the adherence of management to the standards of business conduct as required by the policies of the Company, unless such review is delegated to another committee of the Board.


Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee is responsible for determining the overall compensation levels of our executive officers and administering our equity compensation plans. The Board has adopted a written charter for the Compensation Committee. The Compensation Committee does not delegate its authority pursuant to its written charter. The Board has determined that all of the members are “independent” under the current listing standards of NASDAQ.


Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for assisting the Board of Directors in, among other things, effecting Board organization, membership and function, including: identifying qualified Board nominees; and effecting the organization, membership and function of Board committees, including composition and recommendation of qualified candidates. The Nominations Committee shall identify and evaluate the qualifications of all candidates for nomination for election as directors. Potential nominees are identified by the Board of Directors based on the criteria, skills and qualifications that have been recognized by the Nominations Committee. While our nomination policy does not prescribe specific diversity standards, the Nominations Committee and its independent members seek to identify nominees that have a variety of perspectives, professional experience, education, difference in viewpoints and skills, and personal qualities that will result in a well-rounded Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors has determined that all of the members are “independent” under the current listing standards of NASDAQ. The Board of Directors has adopted a written charter setting forth the authority and responsibilities of the Nominations Committee.